Saturday, November 27, 2010

CHiPs Roller Disco Special!

Season three of CHiPs began Saturday night, September 22nd, 1979 with a two-hour ROLLER DISCO special! Guest starring a colossal amount of the most random celebrities of the time, the most airtime revolving around heart throb Leif Garrett. I found it somewhat of coincidence that he is involved in a car accident on the freeway in this show, and then about two months after this aired, he was involved in a real-life car accident on the freeway which left his passenger friend a paraplegic.

Here's an awesome roller disco clip from the show!

And yes, the audio/video quality is crap-tastic, but it still needs to be seen. Leif and Company from the same episode...


  1. If disco is dead- roller disco is deader. What a hideous form of entertainment.

  2. I kept hoping the two women at the start of the video would start making out.

    Wow, Joanie Cunningham could really bust a move!

  3. Disco was class,great music,wonderful dance moves....awesome clothes....far better then punk mosh pits rap that brags on criminals. dark images of Violence. I see no joy in that....something special was ruined by these punk rockers rappers spouting cuss words....especially disrespect toward women.