Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Madhouse Filming Locations

John Larroquette - Mark Bannister
Kirstie Alley - Jessie Bannister
Alison La Placa - Claudia
John Diehl - Fred
Jessica Lundy - Bernice
Robert Ginty - Dale

I was watching the underrated movie, Madhouse the other day and wondered, where is that house? As the credits rolled, I noticed a little message, "The producers gratefully acknowledge the generosity, patience and sense of humor of the residents of the Sam Hughes neighborhood, the City of Tucson and the Tucson Film Office." I knew I had to find that house as I am a bit familiar with that neighborhood.
This time however, I did something I never do in my search. I sent for help. I contacted the location manager, Jack N. Young. Not only was he the nicest man, he has a great deal of Hollywood history as being a stuntman! Just take a gander at his IMDB page, and you will see he has worked on some of the greatest Hollywood westerns ever made! I am happy to have a friendly rapport with him.

On to the locations...
As it is called "Madhouse;" a film about house guests from hell, the main plot will take place in a house. And on a soundstage since you cannot possibly do to a normal house what went on in this movie. The house is at 2121 E 3rd Street in Tucson. *Warning! Do not bother the residents of the house, it's rude and trespassing! Anyways, still intact and according to Jack, he put in a pool for the owners as a token of appreciation. Over the years and of course production tweaks modify what you see today.

Map Views:

If you remember the movie, the neighbors house was blown up due to a bbq fire and a kid with various firecrackers. That house was made up for production as the lot to the right of the house on 3rd is vacant land.

All of the interior of the house was filmed in a warehouse on E 18th Street, west of the 210 Freeway.

Of course we are lead to believe that the film takes place in Los Angeles, so we need some kind of proof. That's why there is a "visitors from out of town visiting L.A." Montage!

First they stop off at Venice Beach's "Muscle Beach"...

Map View:

Then Grumman's Chinese Theater...

Map View:

And last Hollywood Blvd & Highland Ave...

Map View:
*Hollywood in the late 80's/early 90's was a lot more seedier then. Where Fred, Bernice, Mark and Jessie are standing around with hookers is now (gasp) a Gap. It was much more fun then.

Here are some other locations in the movie, however being 20 + years, Jack could only remember the general vicinity of them:
The bar where Mark and Fred do their "Bernadette" dance -
Unknown closed restaurant

Kadir's pink mansion -
In the Sabino Heights area of Tucson

And the strip joint that Rob Camilletti is propositioning Kirstie Alley in front of -
Unknown empty building on 5th Street

Here's an extra bonus for ya! Some songs (in MP3 format) featured in the movie!
Chris Rea - Let's Dance
Four Tops - Bernadette
Martha Davis - Madhouse
*This Martha Davis song has never been released, this version is a rip from my VHS, but it's still listenable.

Extra special thanks goes out to Jack for providing the information and being so pleasant to correspond with!


  1. I wish to thank Jenny for the kind words regarding the Locations for Madhouse. I have let her know that anything I worked on I will be happy to give her an assist. She is an incredible writer and I have enjoyed being a small part of her blog.

    Jack Young

  2. hey i got here searching for the sound that plays when kirstie alley dance behind the curtain pro John Larroquette, but did not discover what it is. then I'll check out your blog and enjoyed it like hell this idea to show where the footage was made. before, I did it through imdb and now have discovered this blog. fantastic! really good, because the movies of yesterday were much better because they actually filmed somewhere instead of using the chroma key comprehensively as they do today. sucks! before was much better ...


  3. I had no idea that the whole thing wasn't shot in California, I thought it was the studio's way of cheapening the production because we all know the company was in crisis in the early 90s. It's too bad that this movie will probably never make it to DVD, I'm hoping that at least one of the HD channels shows the letterbox transfer, I still have a copy I taped from HBO years ago and it's wearing out.