Saturday, May 16, 2009

Geometricks! (Tricks, Tricks, Tricks)

Smart girls know all the angles!

Guess what I found under my sink!

Conair Geometricks, born in 1988 was a lot of girls' Christmas present.
(Picture courtesy of Wishbook)

I spent many an hour using the spiral curl and the very trendy crimper extensions. You can also flip the crimper around for the straightener option. This must've been the very first straightener invented. There are still hairs stuck in the crevices from when it ripped my poor hair out. And to top of the list of five were the zigzag and triangle option. I guess I just wasn't ready for those two wild ones... Until now.

Now, mind you I have longer than shoulder length hair and left the fucker on their for a good minute to fry my hair and these are the results...
First up, the zigzag...

Next up, the triangle...Eww.. Imagine your whole head frizzed out like that. No wonder I just stuck with the spiral option. Remember those pictures of those Camel Spiders from Iraq that floated around office emails a while back? My hair seriously looks like one of those!

But, back in '88, it would take forever to spiral my whole head and no matter how much Dep or Aqua Net I used, it would fall flat the minute outside air hit the nest. Then I bought those Caruso Curlers. But that's another story...
Belinda Carlisle, Geometricks' Mascot. Hopefully this is one fad from the 80's that will not make a comeback. Let's just chuckle at the cute commercial on youtube and dump these in a box in the garage marked "Goodwill."


  1. I'm guessing this already made it's way to goodwill? Let me know if it didn't please! :)

  2. Actually, I think they are STILL under my sink :p

  3. I have my mom's old one. I LOVE it. Everybody at my school has either a straightener or a curling iron but who has a Conair Geometricks? THIS GIRL!

  4. I just found mine! (August 2015!) Tried to use it but the heating element is kaput (after almost 30 years... I think my expectations were a little high). Dang it....